Vermont In The Spring: A Must-Visit Destination

After a long harsh winter, spring can be one of the most inviting times in Vermont. The snow has melted, flowers have begun to bloom and the air is warm enough for outdoor adventures. But Vermont has three unique offerings in the spring that make it a prime destination for couples, families and individuals alike. […]

The Bounties of Nature are Plentiful in Vermont

Vermont is full of natural wonder and beauty. From Lake Champlain in the West to the green mountains of the South, Vermont has everything for those who love the outdoors. It also full of interesting people to make everything the landscape has to offer that much more spectacular.   Maple Syrup The sugar maple is […]

23rd Vermont Brewers Festival Coming Around Again

The Vermont Brewers Festival is coming around again. In a little more than 5 months, representatives from 34 of Vermont’s best breweries will converge on Burlington’s Waterfront Park for the 23rd annual edition of the event.   On the eastern shore of crystal clear Lake Champlain against the backdrop of the majestic Adirondack Mountains, the […]

The Benefits to Buying Local

There are plenty of reasons to buy local. Not only do you get to support your neighbor’s business, you also contribute to your local economy and drive your tax base. But beyond this, you protect the environment and are buying healthier food.   Local Economy Supporting small business, no matter where you live, is imperative […]

Vermont the Place for Ice Wine

When you arrive in Vermont, it won’t be long until you see ice wine on a menu or hear someone talking about it. This drink, which is made locally in Vermont, is different than traditional wine. It can only be produced in areas that experience cold winters with freezing temperatures. Wine country in California for […]

Experience VT for ALL it has to Offer

When you hear the word Vermont, what comes to mind? Most likely mountains, beautiful fall foliage and skiing. But that’s not all Vermont has to offer. In fact, Vermont has a robust variety of beer breweries, wineries and local restaurants serving up unique and delicious cuisine. Vermont boasts almost 40 different breweries throughout the state. […]

The Many Varieties of the Pal Ale

Pale ale is the most popular kind of beer in America today. People just love the bitterness associated with the brewing technique. There are, however, many varieties to this classic, hop-heavy brewer favorite.   So named for its lightly roasted malts, as oppose to heavier roasted malts, yielding a heavier caramel flavor, pale ales are […]

Chester Vermont Kicking off Holiday Celebration

Chester Vermont announced the schedule for its 29th annual “Overture to Christmas” event. Starting December 1st, the celebration will be complete fun for the entire family. 2014 Schedule of Events Monday, December 1st 4 – 5pm – Gingerbread House Making Workshop for children in grade K through 2. Fullerton Inn, 40 the Common Tuesday, December […]

The Science of Wine Pairing

When it comes to wine pairing, there are a lot of intricacies for the best pallet combinations. We all know the traditional rule regarding steak with red wine and fish with white wine. But there is so much more depth beyond these two rules of thumb.   Certain kinds of grapes bring out and compliment […]

Vermont More than Beer and Mountains

Impeccable original micro brew ales aren’t the only thing Vermont has to offer visitors in the fall. The leaves are changing from green to the most beautiful red, orange and yellow, there’s crispness in the air and best of all, there’s plenty of wine to enjoy! The Vermont wine trail has 21 wineries that are […]