Fall a Top Wedding Season

September 2nd, 2014 fullertoninn

May, June, July and August are the traditional ‘wedding season.’ These months are full of warmer weather and sunshine and a perfect time to get married. But if you’re thinking about originality in a season full of color, the fall is an incredible time of year, especially in the Northeast.


Beautiful fall weddings have so many advantages over the summer option. For starters, the weather is much more conducive to suit-wearing groomsman and ball-gown wedding dress wearing brides. Heat and humidity are out of the picture so a bride’s make-up doesn’t run; hair-do’s stay beautiful and flowers don’t wilt. Guests also appreciate a cooler day for sitting, eating and dancing. A fall day for the wedding party and guests is just more comfortable.


Beyond the physical comfort that comes with a fall wedding, themes and colors that coordinate with fall are much more diverse. September or October, fall colors like red, gold, orange and deep yellow can be beautiful and flattering for the whole wedding party.


What else is more comfortable in a cooler setting? Wedding cakes. This focal point of a wedding is susceptible to melting or sagging when it’s out in the heat for hours. The cool breeze of autumn air will keep a cake looking its best. Decals designed with a fall color scheme can add a touch of elegance to your cake as well. A fall wedding also gives more options for refreshments like hot coffee, tea or even a hot chocolate bar.


Spring and summer weddings are traditional, featuring pastel colors and warm-weather themes. Winter weddings with snow and ice themes can be wonderful as well. But fall weddings have many selling points, especially in New England. Temperature concerns are out the window, the colors outside are something to behold and your wedding party won’t be sweating like they are sitting in a sauna. Fall is surely the most elegant and romantic time of the year.

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