“Celebrating Comfort Foods & Fine Wines” Wine & Food Pairing Dinner

May 8th, 2014 fullertoninn

Continuing with our very popular “Celebrating Wine” series, Fullerton Inn is presenting “Celebrating Comfort Foods and Fine Wines”, Friday, May 23rd from 6 – 9 pm. We will be continuing our format of pairing foods with each of nine wines. Usually we select nine wines from a specific category and then the chef created the dishes to pair with each wine. This time we are trying something different. We have chosen a food category, in this case, comfort foods. Then we will seek the wines to accompany each of these dishes. The dishes are going to be specially created by Chef James to be a take on common “comfort foods” like spaghetti, mac & cheese, beef stew, Thanksgiving turkey and fruit cobbler. Chef James and Chef Rene will give these, and other dishes for a total of nine dishes, a special Fullerton Inn twist.

If you haven’t been to one of these “Celebrating Wine” events at the Fullerton Inn you should know that it is an extraordinary event. The evening centers around the presentation of nine different wines paired with nine different dishes, specially prepared for this evening’s event. We decided to focus on “comfort foods” for this event. We are excited that by selecting the food, and having no real restraints on wine region or type selections, we have the entire world of wine to choose from in selecting our pairings. This will give us the opportunity to present new and exciting wines from all over. We try to present unique food and wine pairings. We make a point to bring in wines that we have not served before so that we can introduce or guests to a variety of wines that are new to them. And by pairing these new wines with “comfort foods” we hope to give our guests some ideas on pairing interesting wines with everyday foods.

The wine and food pairing s are presented in groups of three while the host of the evening discusses the wine industry, food and wine pairing and such. Frequently we feature added discussion by a wine distributor who gives and in depth explanation of the wines presented. We, the staff of the Fullerton Inn really enjoy these events, because it gives us a chance to step outside of our normal offerings and explore new wines and foods. We really enjoy interacting with our wine vendors and selecting the nine presentation wines. We get to try new and different wines from all over the world. Chef James and Chef Rene love to brainstorm over creation of fascinating dishes that will pair well with the selected wines. We enjoy the chance to taste and explore and we are sure you will like what we have gathered for you.

It is a very special evening that begins with the seating of all of the guests in our main dining room. Bret & Nancy Rugg, owners of the Fullerton Inn, welcomes the guests and introduces the evening’s topic. After a brief description of the evening’s theme, the guests are presented with their first course of three dishes and three carefully selected wine pairings. Bret Rugg and a representative of the wine distributor, talk about the three wines presented in the first course and then Chef James will appear and explain his philosophy for pairing each food with each wine.

The guests then enjoy the first course. Once everyone is finished the first course is cleared away and the second course of three new wines and three different food pairings are presented. Bret Rugg and the wine rep. explain the second group of wines and then Chef James explains the second course of food pairings. The guests then enjoy the second course.

The action is repeated for the third course (usually a dessert themed course). During and after the presentations the guests are free to ask questions about the food, the specific wines or wines in general. It’s a lot of fun and Chef James presents some exquisite food. The guests are enthusiastic about the format and the food and many of the attendees have been to all of the “Celebrating Wine” nights.

So, join us in exploring comfort foods and fine wines, and maybe we will introduce you to some new favorite wines. The “Celebrating Wine” event will be held at the Fullerton Inn in Chester, Vermont on Friday, May 23rd, 2014 from 6pm to 9 pm. The nine wines will be presented in pairing with very special dishes prepared especially for the event by the Fullerton Inn’s own Chef James Beliveau. You owe it to yourself to attend this event. Chef James is very creative and, as in the past events, puts a real passion into creating exciting dishes that appropriately pair with each wine presented. It is quite an evening!

Reservations for the event are $ 50 per person and are available by calling the Fullerton Inn toll-free at 866-884-8578 or locally at 802-875-2444. Spaces are very limited, so, reservations are required for this wonderful evening in celebration of wine and food. Come and have a great evening at the Fullerton Inn in beautiful Chester, Vermont.

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